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Tarja Rainio tarja.rainio at welho.com
Mon Jun 9 17:08:51 EDT 2003

on 9.6.2003 18:58, Anna-Leena Pyykönen at annaleena at nerina.org wrote:

> Hi!
> I don't know how many of you are familiar with the fanlistings. The concept
> of it was originally created by a German girl, Janine Mischor, who thought
> it would be interesting to find out how many fans of a particular subject
> there are in the www.  It soon became quite a phenomenom. If you'd like to
> know more, the mothership is waiting for you ->
> http://www.thefanlistings.org.
> Anyway, the other day I was looking for a fanlisting for DWJ and I couldn't
> find one, which just wasn't acceptable at all... So, now she has one.
> http://www.nerina.org/dwj

As I mentioned earlier, this didn't work for me when I first tried it, but I
finally got it to work when I tried it with Netscape 4.76 for Mac. I guess
it's some kind of a html/scripting problem since it doesn't work with all


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