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Mon Jun 9 14:45:00 EDT 2003

Devra wrote:

>Hey, no.  I thought that Vienne was Vienna too.  It had a foreign feel to it
>that I didn't think London would have...and they seemed to have quite a LOT of
>country around it, more than England in size, somehow. (This is most
>subjective.  I once travelled by train from one side of England to Wales
>and back, all
>in one day. To me, that is not all that big. From NY to Chicago by train is
>18 hours...)

The service from London to Wales is a fast line... :-)  (That's why it
costs more per mile to travel on it than any other line in the country, or
it did last time I looked. Even London->Brighton was cheaper per mile.
Grump.)  Bristol->London is 100 miles and takes about ninety minutes;
whereas NY->Chicago is what, 750 miles?  Which would take just over eleven
hours if the train went at the lick the Bristol->London one does... And I
don't think it's *possible* to catch a through train in Britain that goes
as far as it is NY->Chicago. Penzance->Aberdeen is about 700 miles and
takes (if that train still exists) just under fourteen hours.

This island isn't very big, I agree -- it's only about 700 miles to the far
end of Scotland, from London.

>Aren't those books that you want to read in the Invisible Library?  More
>books by Ansen Dibell than the trilogy from the late 70's, say?  More books by
>Joan North--who wrote Cloud Forest--  The rest of eluki (Rosemary Edghill)'s
>Twelve Treasures  books?

Durn!  I just knew that if I went and said something like that everyone
else would add their own list, and mine would get bigger each time someone

Do you have an Invisible Library Card?  :-)


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