Ile de Rien

Anna Clare McDuff amcduff at
Mon Jun 9 02:09:53 EDT 2003

On Sun, 8 Jun 2003, Hallie O'Donovan wrote:

> Italy?  That's interesting.  I'd only felt sort of French from the
> Three Muskateers type feel to _The Element of Fire_ and the names.
> Though there is Ravenna or Ravena or however it's spelled, right?
> :-)

	I think what makes my mind ping "Italy, Italy" is the sense I get
of lots of small states jostling with each other & forming alliances &
attacking each other with equal gusto, and the way the cities are laid out
with these great, and mostly well defended, noble houses equally prepared
to ally & attack their neighbouring houses, and the vibrant cosmopolitan
culture and just something in the general attitude.  And I can definitely
sense French, German and Swiss influences as well, but then again that's a
mixture I also associate with northern Italian states of the past... But
of course I haven't finished Element Of Fire yet, so all my impressions
may change :-). Is City of Bones also set in the Ile de Rien universe?
Haven't even started reading that one yet, but a glance at its back cover
blurb gave me a distinctly middle eastern impression... Does Ile de Rien
have middle eastern neighbours?


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