OT: What is literary truth?

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sun Jun 8 18:41:09 EDT 2003

Jon Noble reassured me:

>--- minnow at belfry.org.uk wrote:
>> There are scads of unwritten works I want to read:
>I'm sure these are all to be found in the Basement
>levels of Jasper FForde's great library of
>Jurisfiction, called The Well of Lost Plots. Borges
>had a librray where you could find them as well, and
>if you can't reach either of those then you could
>always use the variation of Pratt and DeCamp's device
>from "The incomplete enchanter" that instead of taking
>you to worlds from mythology took you to fictionbal
>worlds, but the first drafts of fictional worlds not
>the published versions (I can't recall who wrote those
>stories - Manley Wade Wellman perhaps - I remember
>reading one in which the heroes met Sherrinford

So all I need to do is make friends with the Mad
Scientist's Beautiful Daughter and get taken aboard Gay
Deceiver, and I shan't have any problem.  They could
drop me off in the appropriate ficton, and I could
spend all the time I wanted in one of the libraries.

*sigh*  I wish!

>Of course being dead hasn't stopped some authors from
>having lively literary careers - look at Virginia
>Andrews. On TV at the moment they are advertising a
>costume drama seemingly set in the late 19th century
>as from "the writer of Pride and Prejudice"

L. Ron Hubbard has had a flourishing posthumous career,
hasn't he?

Another one I want to read as written by its original
author, of course, is Dorothy Syaers' *Thrones,
Dominations*.  Jill Paton Walsh did almost very well
by it, but it lacked something -- possibly the really
thorough education people like Sayers had been put
through and without which I don't think it is possible
accurately to catch the turns of phrase of those who
*did* have it.  The 'sequels' to *A Wind in the
Willows* are sometimes so wrong that it is painful, for
instance.  Like someone singing off-key.


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