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> I was struck at the beginning by the way that other people at the funeral 
> clearly resented the way the bequests seemed to end up with Laurel, which 
> implies that she isn't universally loved even by her own people, and yet I can't 
> help thinking (which is of course by no means a contradiction) that in many 
> ways their own status derives purely from hers.
It abruptly occurs to me that this particular issue is one that DWJ was very 
actively exploring at this point in her career. And we DO get a rather at some 
remove up front and personal look at what one suspects may be a very close 
approximation of life in Laurel's court when we take a second look at the book 
that jones wrote immediately before this F & H (although it was published 
later), which is to say, Aunt Maria. Aunt Maria was not universally beloved by her 
Court, either. And her rule was not exactly benevolent, nor was it designed to 
promote the greatest good for the greatest number. In fact Maria and Laurel 
are very nearly the same person for all that they use different tools. 

And the behaviour of the male characters in both books seem to be along very 
much the same sort of continum when you take a closer look at them. In fact 
both these books might well repay a close comparison if one chose to do one.
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