OT: What is literary truth?

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 8 17:54:48 EDT 2003

--- minnow at belfry.org.uk wrote:
> Meantime, what *is* the secret?  I want to know how
> one reads texts that
> are not extant, because it is something I've always
> longed to be able to
> do.
> There are scads of unwritten works I want to read:
> the final Lensman book
> just for the sake of completeism, for example, and
> the rest of Kubla Khan,
> and the Last Dangerous Visions, and at least three
> Rosemary Sutcliffs 
> I think the mot juste might be 'To die for.'
> "Any news of the Brontes?"
> "Rather!  Emily's writing a new book called
> 'Swithering Depths'."
>         (Rachel Ferguson, *The Brontes Went To
> Woolworths*)

I'm sure these are all to be found in the Basement
levels of Jasper FForde's great library of
Jurisfiction, called The Well of Lost Plots. Borges
had a librray where you could find them as well, and
if you can't reach either of those then you could
always use the variation of Pratt and DeCamp's device
from "The incomplete enchanter" that instead of taking
you to worlds from mythology took you to fictionbal
worlds, but the first drafts of fictional worlds not
the published versions (I can't recall who wrote those
stories - Manley Wade Wellman perhaps - I remember
reading one in which the heroes met Sherrinford
Of course being dead hasn't stopped some authors from
having lively literary careers - look at Virginia
Andrews. On TV at the moment they are advertising a
costume drama seemingly set in the late 19th century
as from "the writer of Pride and Prejudice"


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