Seb as victim (was Re: Couple of questions...)

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Sun Jun 8 17:40:38 EDT 2003

Hallie asked the questions...

(and I can't help on the books; sorry; I hope someone else does 'cos I am
on the lookout for good new stuff to read)

I do have a long-term recommendation: Lois McMaster Bujold's *Curse of
Chalion* is very fine, the sequel *Paladin of Souls* is possibly even
better, worth people making a note of for when it finally comes out -- it's
still a typescript at the moment AFAIK but the publisher has been touting
for cover-blurbs so it shouldn't be too far from print by now.  Too late
for Hallie's birthday though, I fear.  Maybe Christmas?

>Finally, on-topic.  I was thinking about the magical and non-magical
>'dark arts' type emotional manipulators in the books, and in the
>non-magical category, was thinking of Ivy and Seb.  Then I got to
>wondering why Seb didn't appear to be a magic user, while Mr. Leroy
>was - do people think Mr. Leroy had any magical ability of his own,
>or did he just get a loan of some of Laurel's while he was her
>consort/hubby?  In which case, Seb would get it when he took over
>that position?   I know he's awful, but I can't help feeling sorry
>for him about that, even if it won't kill him.

Rape is always a nasty business no matter who is the victim, and I always
felt that the 'Corn King' sort of rape had a thoroughly horrible feel to
it.  That's what being compelled to be the consort of a woman you don't
want amounts to, isn't it?  So yes, I feel deeply sorry for Seb.  His
nastiness is a sort of failed-Nick, to me: if he were able to, he would
defend himself with the same sort of slithering-out 'selfishness' Nick did,
but he just isn't all that good at that defense.


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