Leathery-Winged Avians (was Re: Derk makes me uneasy)

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 8 13:31:13 EDT 2003

Joe said that Minnow wrote:

> were.  And the geese have a -- what's the 
proper word?  Goscine? -- sense
> of humour, of course.  They would.

'Anserine' is the word. ("fois gras is the 
diseased anserine liver 
stuffed with truffles"). The OED's second meaning

is this, 

"2. As the goose is conventionally (though 
erroneously) a type of 
unintelligence: Stupid, silly.">

<Now that would hardly apply to Derk's geese, 
would it?>

It doesn't really seem to apply to geese at all.
I suspect they are silly in the same way as
Phillis in TOG refers to "Cart's silly remarks"
meaning they don't do what people want them to. 


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