Couple of questions...

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Sun Jun 8 10:03:32 EDT 2003

Starting with the OT ones first, has anyone read _Paper Mage_, by 
Leah R. Cutter?  I saw it reviewed in Locus, and it sounded really 
interesting - very unusual type of magic, among other things.  But 
I'd trust opinions here more than a lot of the reviewers in Locus, so 
wanted to see if anybody had read it yet.

Secondly, can anyone explain why reviews so regularly refer to Vienne 
as an alternative London in the Ile-de-Rien books by Martha Wells? 
(Rightly so, for all I know, despite the French names.)   And 
relatedly, has anyone read _The Wizard Hunters_ yet?  I'm having to 
ration book-purchases right now, but I do have a birthday coming up, 
and would love to know if this should go on top of my request list.

Finally, on-topic.  I was thinking about the magical and non-magical 
'dark arts' type emotional manipulators in the books, and in the 
non-magical category, was thinking of Ivy and Seb.  Then I got to 
wondering why Seb didn't appear to be a magic user, while Mr. Leroy 
was - do people think Mr. Leroy had any magical ability of his own, 
or did he just get a loan of some of Laurel's while he was her 
consort/hubby?  In which case, Seb would get it when he took over 
that position?   I know he's awful, but I can't help feeling sorry 
for him about that, even if it won't kill him.


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