Parables (was: Re: Merlin (with spoilers) talent and not using it)

Charles Butler hannibal at
Thu Jun 5 16:28:11 EDT 2003

Henry Fielding, via Roger Burton West:

>   This excellent method of conveying a falsehood with the heart only,
>   without making the tongue guilty of an untruth, by the means of
>   equivocation and imposture, hath quieted the conscience of many a
>   notable deceiver; and yet, when we consider that it is Omniscience on
>   which these endeavour to impose, it may possibly seem capable of
>   affording only a very superficial comfort; and that this artful and
>   refined distinction between communicating a lie, and telling one, is
>   hardly worth the pains it costs them.

Thanks Roger! I said Fielding put it better, didn't I?

> So if I were to say "I work for an organisation that does jobs for the
> SAS, where the SAS doesn't want to get its hands dirty"... which is
> technically true but gives an _entirely_ erroneous impression...? :-)

Does this mean you installed their soap dispensers? Or is the SAS the
Scattered Authors Society?(Don't mock, I'm a member!)


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