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deborah wrote:

>Um, "showing some discrimination" and "showing good judgement" are still
>positive things where I come from, Minnow.

Oh, hush!  I'm sure it's very naughty to go saying things like that....

The dead giveaway is when the word gets used on its own instead of as
part of a phrase, I suspect.  'discrimination' = boo-word; 'showing
discrimination' = hurrah-phrase.  'discriminating' = neutral until
proven one way or the other.

Oh, or if it gets a bit of extra tacked onto it, usually 'ism' or 'ist'
or 'ite', though this doesn't seem to have happened to discrimination
or judgement yet.  That automatically turns it into a boo-word, like
'Thatcherite' or 'fundamentalist'.

>Arguably, most DWJ heroes start off with very poor judgement
>about themselves and others, and learn through the course of the book to
>improve it.  Sophie, for example.  Or Gair -- he learns not to make
>*baseless* judgements against the Dorig, but he still judges people
>based on his knowledge of them (Orban, or his new positive judgement of

I suspect that learning enough about the world to develop reasonably
good judgement is part of the business of the individual member of the
human species, and teaching or showing people how to do this is a good
thing to do, but it dunnarf getcher disapproved of if you go *saying*
that sort of thing openly.  Look what a boo-word 'judgemental' is....
(oh, that's the extra bit that got tacked on! 'al'.) DWJ just goes ahead
and ignores the rules.  Again.  As usual, even.

She's probably some sort of 'ist', possibly anarch.

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