Judging (was Re: Merlin (with spoilers) Grundo, Coercion)

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Thu Jun 5 10:39:46 EDT 2003

On Thu, 5 Jun 2003 minnow at belfry.org.uk wrote:
|I think what goes on here is that we are not supposed to make judgements
|full stop.
|Same as 'showing some discrimination' used to be a good thing, and
|'discrimination' is now the most reprehensible of crimes; so judging
|someone on any criterion whatever, and relative to any thing whatever, is
|frowned upon.

Um, "showing some discrimination" and "showing good judgement" are still
positive things where I come from, Minnow.  As in "showing some
discrimination and picking the DWJ books out from the store instead of
the Goosebumps", or "showing good judgement and not wearing the stained
jeans to meet DWJ".  Or even, referring to people, say, "judging Ted
Kazinsk(sp?)", or, on a more mundane level, "judging that the guy down
the street who shouts obscentities at children in the park is to be
avoided".  Arguably, most DWJ heroes start off with very poor judgement
about themselves and others, and learn through the course of the book to
improve it.  Sophie, for example.  Or Gair -- he learns not to make
*baseless* judgements against the Dorig, but he still judges people
based on his knowledge of them (Orban, or his new positive judgement of

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