Parables (was: Re: Merlin (with spoilers) talent and not using it)

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Wed Jun 4 17:19:26 EDT 2003

--- Charles Butler
<hannibal at> wrote:
> > ObDWJ:  A recurrent theme in DWJ's work is the
> other side of this - the
> ways in
> > which you can relate facts and yet tell a
> falsehood.  This is most
> explicit in
> > Time City, but it comes up pretty strongly in Cart
> and Cwidder (if you
> tell [the
> > facts] in the wrong way, it's not true any
> longer), Fire and Hemlock
> (Laurel is
> > good at this), and Deep Secret.  To name but a
> few.
> >
> Yes, there's a nice passage in Tom Jones about this
> (which I've tried
> unsuccessfully to find because Fielding puts it much
> better than I'm about
> to) where the narrator comments that if Master
> Blifil had considered the
> minimal moral difference that exists between
> _telling_ and _communicating_
> an untruth he would hardly have expended so much
> ingenuity in avoiding the
> one while doing the other.

I've just done a lesson with the kids on looking at
web sites with this mind. Enter "dhmo" in any search
engine and you will find a host of sites which tell a
great lie without a single untrue statement.


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