Parables (was: Re: Merlin (with spoilers) talent and not using it)

Charles Butler hannibal at
Wed Jun 4 09:29:17 EDT 2003

> ObDWJ:  A recurrent theme in DWJ's work is the other side of this - the
ways in
> which you can relate facts and yet tell a falsehood.  This is most
explicit in
> Time City, but it comes up pretty strongly in Cart and Cwidder (if you
tell [the
> facts] in the wrong way, it's not true any longer), Fire and Hemlock
(Laurel is
> good at this), and Deep Secret.  To name but a few.

Yes, there's a nice passage in Tom Jones about this (which I've tried
unsuccessfully to find because Fielding puts it much better than I'm about
to) where the narrator comments that if Master Blifil had considered the
minimal moral difference that exists between _telling_ and _communicating_
an untruth he would hardly have expended so much ingenuity in avoiding the
one while doing the other.


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