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> Jodel
>     <Yeah, there is something nastily coercive about
> that, isn't there?
> And I say that as someone who *did* warm to
> Grundo, I found him very
> charming. But what he did was deeply unscrupulous

Actually I did not say that. I noticed my name cropping up with a lot of 
misaplied quotes last Digest and I feel like I ought to apologize for the way that 
my current version of AOL is scrambling the posts that I *do* make.

Yes, Grundo was completely unscrupulous in latching onto Roddy and keeping 
her to himself. But how scrupulous to you expect a 3-year-old to be? It would 
have taken some years before he realized that what he was doing was something 
people disaproved of and even longer before he realized that he was not 
justified in doing it because of his situation. From some of his other behavior 
through the book, he truly *likes* Roddy, and I suspect that he has probably not 
felt all that good about himself over it for the past couple of years, but not 
known how to stop it without losing her. 

It was only seeing the Izzys abusing the same power with what appeared to be 
far less excuse that he finally had to fish or cut bait. And he did, 
gradually. First he shut down the Izzys -- probably because it was so disturbing to 
have to watch their antics. It wasn't all that much longer bvefore Mrs Candace 
called him to account, and he offered no excuses or tried to defend the 
indefensible. Frankly I suspect he was a bit relieved over it. 

I also suspect that if there is a third book in the Magid series, and we have 
a pattern going, the next will be told from Grundo's PoV.
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