Stealer of Souls?

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Thu Jul 31 12:06:12 EDT 2003

It's a short story that was in Mixed Magics and was also released in a 
special edition on its own (see bottom):

I just read it this year, myself.  Cat and Tonino have an adventure.  Does 
it go without saying - very enjoyable.

As to whether to bid - can't say - not sure. Looks like it might be a 
collector's item, but Mixed Magics isn't hard to find.  So... at least you 
have more information to go on, now.


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>Subject: Stealer of Souls?
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>So . . . I'm wasting time surfing on eBay and I came across a DWJ title I'd 
>never heard of before. Some one is auctioning off a DWJ book called 
>"Stealer of Souls". From the cover, it's part of the Chrestomanci world.
>Here's the link: 
>Is this a new book that slipped under my radar. Is it just one of the 
>Chrestomanci books or stories with a new title? Should I bid on it?
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