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On Wed, 30 Jul 2003 14:51:44 -0600, Elizabeth Crowe wrote:

>I'm new to the DWJ list.  I'm just starting my masters program in English
>and want to do my thesis on DWJ.  I'm hoping this is a good forum for
>asking questions and getting insight.  I've got a short paper on DWJ due
>next week that I'm working on.  If you've got some answers to these
>questions, please let me know.

Hey, welcome and good luck!

>1.  I seem to remember reading a DWJ book about a boy who is at some kind
>of a conference with his dad and suddenly is transported to a different
>world.  He is mistaken for a spy and escapes into the woods where I
>believe he sees a tiger(?) or some kind of animal.  He travels along a
>road and an old man gives him a flickering flame.  An elephant seems to
>be part of this story, too.  Somewhere in the story he goes to a city
>where all the wealthy people are wearing highly embroidered clothing that
>is made by poor people endangered by radiation.  He manages to escape
>from that place after making enemies there, and comes to a place (I seem
>to remember some world hopping going on) where he finds a man (a
>Chrestomanci type figure) living in the wilderness.  The enemies come and
>are defeated.  A helicopter is in there somewhere.  Does this sound
>familiar to anyone?  

This is her latest book _The Merlin Conspiracy_.  You can check the recent
archives (May 2003) for the discussion we had.  (And when I say "we" I mean
the list in general, as this is a discussion I wasn't around for.  Bad me.)

>2.  Do you know what Diana means when she refers to her work as
>speculative fiction?  

Speculative fiction is a general catchall term for science fiction and
fantasy together.  Whether DWJ means that or something else, I don't know.
It also sometimes carries a more literary connotation, indicating that
you're taking the genre seriously.

>3.  How does that differ from traditional fantasy?

It doesn't really, but I think *I* would use the term to indicate fantasy
that differed significantly from the mainstream.

Melissa Proffitt

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