extremely belated Super Summer Annual Intros!

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 30 17:07:56 EDT 2003

--- Aimee Smith <s4028253 at student.uq.edu.au> wrote:
> Which made me wonder, has anyone heard of, or read,
> or knows how I could get
> a copy of a collection of comics from I dunno when
> called The Trigan Empire.
> My father collected them amongst all these magazines
> when he was young and
> no he thinks my aunty in Darwin has them, so don't
> think they'll be raided
> any time soon. The story starts with an Earth man
> deciphering the language
> of a crash-landed space ship and recounts the entire
> history of this
> civilisation from hunter-gatherers to space age... I
> read it ages and ages
> ago when I was only about ten or something, and I
> loved them then. Anyone?
I remember those, my younger sister used to get Look
and Learn and I avidly read Trigan Empire. I see from
the web site that Paul mentions that it continued for
a lot longer than recall, although I was certain that
the Hamlyn book I got about 20 years ago only
contained a fraction of the stories  I rembered. I
used get Eagle comics in the '60s. Ahhh Dan Dare.


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