DWJones mystery book

Elizabeth Crowe lizcrowe at juno.com
Wed Jul 30 16:51:44 EDT 2003


I'm new to the DWJ list.  I'm just starting my masters program in English
and want to do my thesis on DWJ.  I'm hoping this is a good forum for
asking questions and getting insight.  I've got a short paper on DWJ due
next week that I'm working on.  If you've got some answers to these
questions, please let me know.

1.  I seem to remember reading a DWJ book about a boy who is at some kind
of a conference with his dad and suddenly is transported to a different
world.  He is mistaken for a spy and escapes into the woods where I
believe he sees a tiger(?) or some kind of animal.  He travels along a
road and an old man gives him a flickering flame.  An elephant seems to
be part of this story, too.  Somewhere in the story he goes to a city
where all the wealthy people are wearing highly embroidered clothing that
is made by poor people endangered by radiation.  He manages to escape
from that place after making enemies there, and comes to a place (I seem
to remember some world hopping going on) where he finds a man (a
Chrestomanci type figure) living in the wilderness.  The enemies come and
are defeated.  A helicopter is in there somewhere.  Does this sound
familiar to anyone?  

2.  Do you know what Diana means when she refers to her work as
speculative fiction?  

3.  How does that differ from traditional fantasy?


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