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So I had the right novel, wrong character.

(who's working his way through "The Vor Game" and really wishing 
there was more Cordelia to read!)

>On Mon, 28 Jul 2003 14:21:10 -0700 (PDT), Jon Noble wrote:
>>I don't know if any other Aussie members have noticed
>>this (it took me weeks to see it and then I had to
>>record it to check) but in the current ABC TV
>>promotions for their August line up they include a
>>quote from Lois Bujold that flashes briefly on the
>>screen. It is "home is not a place but people" (or
>>something like that) Some of the quotes they show
>>relate specifically to programs (the one before it
>>from Ned Kelly seems to) but the only program in the
>>ad that seems to be associated with the quote is, I
>>think, something about a coronor. Does anyone know
>>where the quote is from?
>>I'd been seeing the promo for weeks wondering why it
>>made me think of Bujold before I realised her name
>>actually appeared in it.
>The quote comes from _Barrayar_ and it's what Aral says to his father when
>the old Count is demanding that they pull the plug on baby Miles's
>replicator.  The Count tells Aral to get himself and his woman out of the
>house, and Aral immediately agrees:
>"Piotr's voice was anguished. 'You'd throw away your home for this?!'"
>"'My home is not a place.  It is a person, sir,' Aral said gravely.  Then
>added reluctantly, 'People.'"
>Melissa Proffitt
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