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Mon Jul 28 22:19:15 EDT 2003

On Mon, 28 Jul 2003 14:21:10 -0700 (PDT), Jon Noble wrote:

>I don't know if any other Aussie members have noticed
>this (it took me weeks to see it and then I had to
>record it to check) but in the current ABC TV
>promotions for their August line up they include a
>quote from Lois Bujold that flashes briefly on the
>screen. It is "home is not a place but people" (or
>something like that) Some of the quotes they show
>relate specifically to programs (the one before it
>from Ned Kelly seems to) but the only program in the
>ad that seems to be associated with the quote is, I
>think, something about a coronor. Does anyone know
>where the quote is from? 
>I'd been seeing the promo for weeks wondering why it
>made me think of Bujold before I realised her name
>actually appeared in it.
The quote comes from _Barrayar_ and it's what Aral says to his father when
the old Count is demanding that they pull the plug on baby Miles's
replicator.  The Count tells Aral to get himself and his woman out of the
house, and Aral immediately agrees:

"Piotr's voice was anguished. 'You'd throw away your home for this?!'"
"'My home is not a place.  It is a person, sir,' Aral said gravely.  Then
added reluctantly, 'People.'"

Melissa Proffitt

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