extremely belated Super Summer Annual Intros!

Margaret Ball margaret at onr.com
Mon Jul 28 11:22:44 EDT 2003

Various time crunches (travel, mostly) caused me to quit reading the 
list for two whole months. I've just been catching up this morning, and 
oh, it's been hard to refrain from jumping in to discussions that are 
obviously well past their sell-by date. Anyway, very very late:

Name: Margaret Ball

Living in: Austin, Texas

Age: 55

What I do when not playing here : Used to write science fiction/fantasy; will do so again if Baen ever quits sitting on the current manuscript and makes an offer. Right now, working on the Ultimate Encyclopaedia of Bead Embroidery, which should have at least five readers, maybe even seven.

Married: Very.

Offspring (human variety): Two teenage girls, may God have mercy.

Offspring (four-legged): two fat cats and a Concealed Weapon dog (looks like a nice friendly black Lab, but has a Rottweiler dad and comes with Rottweiler muscles, jaws, and aggressive instincts)

First DWJ/when: duhh...Power of Three? Eight Days of Luke? When? oh, a looooong time ago. Prolly when they first came out.

Favourite DWJ : Fire and Hemlock

Least favourite DWJ: The Homeward Bounders, because I can't stand that kid left adrift at the end; and Time of the Ghost, because it makes me want to run out and do Mothering things to the girls, which they do not particularly want at this time of their lives.

Other authors/books: Pamela Dean, Elizabeth Marie Pope,Eva Ibbotsen and I wish she'd write some more adult novels, Annie Dalton, Lois Bujold, Megan Whalen Turner (on recommendation of this list!), Mary Renault, C.S. Forester, Nevil Shute (hey, I TOLD you I was older than water!)

Music: Bach, baroque in general, Bach, British folk-rock stuff like Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span, Mozart, Bach.

Currently reading: Absolutely nothing. In about ten minutes I'm taking #1 Daughter to the beach for a few days, and the beach bag is packed with trashy throwaway paperbacks which I intend to read and toss without ever revealing their titles/authors. 

And by the time we get back, I'll have missed a whole bunch more 
interesting discussions...oh well.

Margaret Ball

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