September 6th Meeting in Bristol

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Sun Jul 27 09:02:32 EDT 2003

Ages ago, Charlie wrote:

(I'm copying this to the main list, for those who may not have got onto the
small list of people who had already said they were likely to come, and
will be able to/want to.  I apologise to those who can't make it for some
reason and find this tantalising or frustrating, but I don't see what else
I can do to be certain anyone interested sees it.)

>As I understand it, the plan at present is to meet up with DWJ at a pub near
>her house (probably the Adam and Eve) about lunchtime, then kind of... stay
>there. Until chucking out, presumably - though some of us may go off to look
>round DWJ sights such as the Suspension Bridge (a healthy ten-minute walk
>away, all uphill) for breaks.

The Adam and Eve have said that they are entirely happy to have us there,
and will provide food during the afternoon and evening.

They would like to know numbers, roughly, about a week in advance, and also
if there are vegetarian/vegan/non-lactose/non-gluten requirements for the

I have now completely lost track of who is and isn't definitely or probably
going to be there, so I'd be very grateful if anyone who is coming could
send a mail to me or a post to here saying "me" and if anyone else is
coming with them, so I can give a head-count to the landlord.  Even if you
know I know, I might forget you if I don't have something definite to jog
my memory!

The other thing is that I said (rashly) that I would try to sort out places
for people to sleep if they wanted to stay in Bristol for the night after
the event.  I know Charlie offered a bed to someone, (Ven?) but wouldn't
have room for others of her party, and I suspect there may be others who'd
find it easier not to try to get back to far-flung bits of the country on a
Saturday evening...

Again, please could anyone who is in need of B&B, and hasn't got a friendly
local with a spare room, let me know what they want?  A top-price
affordable would also be a help.  I'll try to find either B&Bs or a small
hotel as close to the pub as I can for those who want.  BUT

I'm going on holiday from 1st--21st August, so I shan't be in Bristol to do
this during that three weeks.  Ideally I'd like to have this info within
the next couple of days, so I can sort out at least provisional bookings
before I leave town.  Please?

Thanks to all.


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