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Fri Jul 25 12:03:19 EDT 2003

<< I did get Harry Potter 5, and am enjoying the story. As always, when I 
start reading a Harry Potter story, I remember why I don't re-read them often. 
The story is great, but the language is not initially inspiring. >>

No the language is not inspiring. It is *accessible*. 

I've been contending for the past four years that Rowling seems to have 
fallen heir to the Agatha Christie crown. Language so clear and so basic that 
everyone can follow it, characters so simple and clearly delineated that no one 
gets them confused with one another and plots satisfyingly complex with a 
possibility of a real twist at the end.

I would deffinitely read a murder mystery from her if she decided to move on 
to those. (Well she *does* say that when she finishes Potter she wants to move 
on to other projects.) 

As to Book 5; I suspect that once the series is complete this one isn't going 
to be anybody's favorite. She had a lot of new ground to cover and the 
Hogwarts end of things was clearly not the major issue for the Wizarding world in 
general. It's the first time that we've been effectively shunted off to the 
sidelines and feels vaguely wrong-footed. It's also the book where everybody on 
Dumbledore's side manages to screw up, and it costs them. It's a point in this 
kind of story that always has to happen, but nobody has to like it.
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