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Thu Jul 24 17:09:20 EDT 2003

Rebecca replied to Deborah:

>> Interesting site.  DWJ to Tamore Pierce didn't surprise, but Pierce to
>> Catherine Coulter did, as did Catherine Coulter to Kafka.
>The strangest series I found was Neil Gaiman to Carl Sagan to Doctor
>Seuss to Martha Stewart to Tolstoy to Michael Crichton...(those were
>all direct links)
>Just a little odd, but hey, the Baconizer connects Galileo's the
>Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems to Gaiman's Sandman
>(Game of You)via books on Taoism, so..

I wonder if he has met this site, and if he has, whether he grinned or
grimaced at those revelations.  Never an author born could resist looking
for him- or herself in such a case, would be my suspicion, so it would
surely be one or the other.


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