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>Off to play with this site some more........ once
>I've given the url

I found that if you put in less popular authors you get some pretty bizarre 
recommendations. For example, anyone literary comes up as being similar to 
Kafka, which I think suggests a slight skewing of the lists of authors.

Lois McMaster Bujold came up as similar to a bunch of people I had never 
heard of, who seem to be male thriller authors. Georgette Heyer came up as 
similar (presumably because of the attribution in A Civil Campaign), but 
not Charlotte Bronte, Dorothy Sayers or Jane Austen, who are all just as 
similar to Bujold as Heyer. Georgette Heyer herself is similar to 
Shakespeare. Shakespeare is, apparently, not at all similar to William 

The most amusing one was Geoffrey Chaucer, who apparently has a lot in 
common with Chaim Potok. Oh, and Douglas Adams.

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