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Wed Jul 23 00:29:13 EDT 2003

On Tue, 22 Jul 2003, Ven wrote:
|I came across this site today. The idea of the
|writer's map is to show the connections betweeen
|writers in an you may also like kind of way. It's
|apparently in collaboration with Amazon, so I
|presume that's where they get their data.

You can also try to see how best to get from,
say, DWJ to Possession, linking by Amazon's "people who bought this book
also bought..."

|Input Diana Wynne Jones and her name appears,
|bobbing up and down in a thick wodge of other
|names, familiar, Pratchett Rowling and
|unfamiliar, Francine Pascal anyone? After a while

Girls' series books.  Sweet Valley High, I think.

Interesting site.  DWJ to Tamore Pierce didn't surprise, but Pierce to
Catherine Coulter did, as did Catherine Coulter to Kafka.

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