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Elizabeth Evans er.evans at
Tue Jul 22 20:31:15 EDT 2003

Devra said:
What's going on?  I'm getting vast stretches of code gibberish, and then
messages with one word per line (like some really bad poetry...)  This is
tremendously frustrating and annoying.
     Devra (crabby cause she's preparing for Pennsic)

Well, Thank goodness there's someone out there... I haven't had any messages
AT ALL from the list for 2 days, and was beginning to wonder if you had all
gone off to Hexwood without me...
I guess you're all busy.
Well, so am I, officially, but I thought I would let you know that I didn't
get 'The Merlin Conspiracy' for my birthday (because it STILL hasn't arrived
in NZ) but I did get Harry Potter 5, and am enjoying the story. As always,
when I start reading a Harry Potter story, I remember why I don't re-read
them often. The story is great, but the language is not initially inspiring.
It is more obviously written for younger readers than I have found in DWJ,
or do I mean the language is more overtly childish?
But perhaps I am doing JKR an injustice, and DWJ really does write for older

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