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On Sun, 20 Jul 2003, Charles Butler wrote:
|While I'm here though, I do feel I ought to put in an obDWJ. So here's one
|that seems relevant to our recent thread (the word being v. significant in
|this context!) on stories told in non-chronological order. It's a quote from
|the Spellcoats:
|...by thinking and thinking and discussing it with Duck, I have remembered
|it better--though I am not sure we have it in the right order.
|    'That's the trouble with you, Tanaqui!' Duck said to me. 'You always
|have to have things in *order*. You're as bad as Hern.' I think Duck is
|right, though I did not realise it before. If I cannot get a thing straight
|in my head, it offends me, like a piece of weaving that has gone wrong--like
|Robin's awful blue skirt.

Huh.  One of the things I love about reading DWJ is that I get to take
this convoluted non-linear storyline and *make it right* in my head;
fixing Robin's skirt, shall we say.  But that's, ironically, because I'm
so linear.  One of my troubles with Hexwood is that I cant do this.  And
I've tried, mapping the book out with pen and paper as I read; to a
certain extene I love it because I'm convinced one day I'll figure it
out.  Proof of how retentive I am (warning: link contains spoilers for
various dalemark books):


That diagonal crossing line down near the bottom was of great offense to
me, as were the dotted lines of unclear descent.

So I'm frail like Tanaqui, with my family trees and descent lines.  On
the other hand, Duck can be very careless because he doesn't think
things through.

Kiss my ass, I bought a boat, and I'm going out to sea.  -Lyle Lovett

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