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Sun Jul 20 13:28:57 EDT 2003

Anita wrote:

>You seem to be using Outlook Express, which I don't use. However, I do
>use Outlook which is similar so I would suggest that you go to
>Tools/Options/Send/Mail Sending Format and then choose Plain Text. This
>was what I found by trying out Outlook Express on my system.
>Perhaps some of the tabs/selections on the way down to "Plain Text" will
>be slightly different, but once you are past Options/Tools you should be
>able to navigate your way around.
>The instructions above should work from your main Outlook Express page.
>If you want to set a single mail message, which you are already
>composing, to plain text, you should be able to use the Format menu at
>the top of the page to select "Plain Text".
>I hope this helps and that it isn't too technical.

Certainly seems to have worked for Charlie....  Would this be something it
would be possible for *anyone* who has a mailer that insists on sending me
HTML to do?  Because sometimes, when it's private email, I write and say
"Look, I don't do HTML, please can you turn it off when you write to me?"
and they write back saying that it isn't possible -- and I never know quite
whether that's the absolute truth, or whether what they mean is they don't
know how, rather than that their system refuses to obey orders.

If it's the former, then would what you've said above be a good thing to
send them?  It looks fairly simple.  I assume if it's yahoo or somesuch and
being added after the mail has left one's machine, one may have no control
over what they add, but surely if it's the Outlook wossits that are doing
it, it ought to be something that can be dealt with before the mail or post
is sent?

(Mac users get very confused about this sort of thing.)

Thanks for the help.


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