Charles Butler hannibal at thegates.fsbusiness.co.uk
Sun Jul 20 09:10:03 EDT 2003

> You have managed not to send yet another picture of an orange envelope as
> an attachment, so you are winning to a certain extent, but.your attempt to
> disinfect your posts of the HTML you got when you replied to an
> "IncrediMail 2001" post of the
> Content-Type: Multipart/related;
>   type="multipart/alternative";
[snip - I'm keeping this short for obvious reasons!]

I'm sorry about that - and thanks for telling me. The copy of my post that
got sent back to me didn't contain (or at least display) any of that stuff,
so I didn't know. Actually, I'm really surprised it was there, as I wasn't
even replying to anybody on this occasion.

I certainly don't want to clog up people's mailboxes with useless
attachments and superfluous HTML code. Can any techies out there suggest a
solution? There is a voice my head saying 'Adjust your browser settings!'
but I don't know what it's talking about and it refuses to explain itself


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