Miles and Hamlet

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Sat Jul 19 18:33:54 EDT 2003

Hallie wrote in reply to me:

>>In fact, I'd've said Miles is about as unlike Hamlet as he could possibly
>>be, in practically every respect, even leaving family and circumstances to
>>one side.
>>Seriously: I don't think the rest of the series is going to be spoiled for
>>me if that's explained, now.  Please?

>This was a more than slightly tongue-in-cheek remark made in response
>to Anna's query about the Miles books, (which, happily, she
>understood as such, as I think, did Melissa).   But if you really
>want to know why Miles put me in mind of Hamlet, and it seems you do,
>a set of resonances started forming when I was reading about Hamlet's
>'antic behaviour' and remembered, for some reason,  Cordelia's
>(breathless) complaint about the 'little bugger' being hyperactive.

I don't think that I would ever associate the word "hyperactive" with Hamlet.

[snippage of further explanation... and longish pause whilst I read the
play for the umpteenth time]

I now understand, I think.  You have a slightly different opinion of Hamlet
from the one I have (that's possibly a contender for "understatement of the
year")  rather than having a different opinion of Miles.  We'd probably
better agree to differ.

Thank you for explaining.


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