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Roger wrote:

>On Thu, Jul 17, 2003 at 09:57:22PM +0100, minnow at wrote:
>>"What Then?" isn't a chronological thing, as far as I could make out (maybe
>>that would be called "What Next?" fiction, and would apply to the book that
>>is obviously part of a series that will go on...)  I suppose it might be
>>better if it were  "What, Then?" or something.  It means "what follows from
>>that?" in the sense "what's the next logical step?" rather than the sense
>>"what's going to happen on the day after the one they all live happily
>OK, I think I get the idea. Thank you. So a purely What-Then would leave
>everything open to discussion (which some of the inconclusive
>"mainstream" stuff certainly does), and the best bet for an interesting
>book might well be a combination of both that _and_ What-If (because I,
>at least, want _some_ resolution to what's going on or it isn't a

A purely "What Then?" book wouldn't I think be possible, in this system, as
I understood it.  I *think* (as I've said, this wasn't my thing in the
first place) the idea was that "What Then?" books would be either "What?"
or "What If?" books *plus*, rather than being nothing but unanswered


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