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Thu Jul 17 18:27:23 EDT 2003

Helen Schinske wrote inspirationally (or inspiredly, or both!) of Virginia
Woolf's fiction:

>I'm just getting her quite wrong. Like standing on something
>you're trying to pick up.

It's late at night, and my mind is frittery.  I was reminded for a moment
of the bird in Gerald Durrell with the very big feet, who as a chick found
it hard to master the art of walking: he kept putting one foot down on top
of the other, making an enormous effort and managing to pull the foot that
should come next out from under, and falling on his beak.  I think his name
may have been Cuthbert.  "VW gives me what I call a Cuthbert-complex."  :-)

Maybe it's that she's quite clear when it comes to ideas, but she just
isn't quite as good at making people come to life in her fiction?  A bit
like some poets who are wonderfully good at saying how it ought to be done,
and then write poetry by the metric yard that somehow doesn't seem to have
any spark to it at all?


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