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> I would have forgotten that whole evening of idea-flinging if Charlie
> hadn't mentioned Virginia Woolf, whose work always leaves me feeling "So
> what?" about it afterwards.  So I put this in here, flying a kite, seeing
> what anyone else may think of it....
I can't even get to the "So what" point with Virginia Woolf. I never actually 
know quite what she's even saying. I suppose I can sort of tell what's 
happening (I mean, I know when a character is walking up the stairs and when he is 
buying a paper, or whatever), but I can never tell what she means to be funny, 
for instance. I always feel as if there is thick glass between my world and 
hers. And I don't feel that way about her non-fiction, in which she is generally 
quite clear, so it can't be that hers is inherently a muddling sort of 
personality so much. I'm just getting her quite wrong. Like standing on something 
you're trying to pick up.

Helen Schinske
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