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Wed Jul 16 12:51:25 EDT 2003

Charlie wrote:

>> >>Mostly it contents itself with noting similarities, but once or
>> >>twice seems to go a bit further. DWJ - not just her text - is said to
>> >>'draw on... the psychological thriller, as exemplified by TofS'.
>> That doesn't necessarily say she drew on TotS, it says she drew on the
>> type of thriller of which TotS is an example.
>You may be right: it depends how one reads that last clause (or what one
>reads into it...). I read the phrase as meaning something more like: 'DWJ
>drew on the psychological thriller, and chose TotS as a quintessential
>example of it'. But your interpretation makes sense, and should probably be
>preferred as the more charitable.

Yes, let's do be charitable...  the shredding process in my other comments
is bad enough, without uncharity as well!  :-)


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