Genre prejudice

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Wed Jul 16 08:14:15 EDT 2003

Jennifer suggested:

>[Why read literary fiction if you don't enjoy it much]
>There's also "to make myself *feel* like a brilliant, well-educated,
>sophisticated person." I started reading Roman and Greek authors mostly
>because I had got an impression of Classical lit as True Culture, what one
>Should read to be educated, from books. (I reread the ones I have, and try
>more from time to time, because I have enjoyed many of them- I'm not a
>literary masochist!) My reasons were probably just as shallow as the ones
>above, but applied internally rather than being the opinions of a group of
>friends. I like the image of myself as a connoisseur.

I don't think you count as being a snob and shallow, reading the stuff even
though you don't enjoy it, because you've said that you *do* enjoy it!

You offer a perfectly sound reason for anyone to start reading a particular
genre or type of book, certainly.  And finding that you enjoy 'em, you
carried on.  What I am trying to find out is why, if one found that one
*didn't* enjoy them, one wouldn't simply stop!


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