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Fri Jul 11 14:26:21 EDT 2003

While I was lurking, I did see that a number of people really liked _The
Dollmage_, and I'm so glad about that!  (Widdy, your comments were so
articulate--would you mind if I forwarded them to the author?)

Anyway, I wanted to mention that Leavitt has two new books out, in case
anyone was interested.  I haven't read them yet, but I just ordered one and
will get the other as soon as possible.  The first is _Heck, Superhero_.
It's her first American-published title through a company called Front
Street Press, and it's a mainstream book about a boy on the streets who,
carelessly assuming he can take care of himself, encounters a much harsher
reality than he's ever known.  Despite this rather bleak description, it's
supposed to be a very positive and endearing book.  What I've heard of Front
Street is that they're publishing excellent books that steer clear of that
drugs-sex-disaster-doom mantra that's so popular in YA fiction, so I have
high hopes for this one.

The second is called _Tom Finder_ and I have exactly no clue about it.  It's
from her Canadian publisher, Red Deer College Press, and I'm guessing it
might be part of the Northern Lights imprint/series that _The Dollmage_
was--which series was, by the way, the brain-child of Tim Wynne-Jones, for a
slantwise ObDWJ.  :)  The only description I can find is from Liam
O'Donnell, who says it is a "contemporary thriller about a young man in
search of his identity."  I'm hoping it will be worth the money I spent.  :)

Melissa Proffitt 

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