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> As a matter of interest, what ought one to do about *Borders of Infinity*?
> That one is effectively three novellas set as reminiscence when Miles is 28
> (ie after *Brothers in Arms*) one just before *The Vor Game*, and two
> between *Ethan of Athos* and *Brothers in Arms*.  So proper chronological
> reading would lead to reading one third of the book, breaking off and
> reading three books and then coming back to the remaining two novellas.  I
> don't think I would ever remember to do that!

...except there's the framing narrative in _Borders of Infinity_. I think
it works rather well to read the entire book at the chronological point of
the frame. Bujold doesn't seem to expect people to know exactly what
happened in each of those episodes before then; she provides about as much
information as is necessary, and then later on you can go "oh, so *that's*
what happened!" I think the introduction of Taura and the background on
Jackson's Whole are important for _Mirror Dance_ in particular (which
comes directly after _Borders of Infinity_ (or at least the outer part)

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