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minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Fri Jul 11 07:31:22 EDT 2003

Jenne wrote:
>> >Gak. Periodically I make attempt to read it. It's
>> >still coming across to me as tragically-hip, City-Lights-Bookstore to be
>> >bothered with.

and Robyn replied:
>> Well, I guess if you have that kind of superior attitude, I can see why you
>> wouldn't actually manage to read it.

Jenne responded:
>If my attitude is snobbery, it's reverse snobbery. :)

If somebody admits you to be superior, don't knock it.  Smile sweetly and
accept the accolade.  :-)

>I just don't care much for modern literature. There isn't much in modern
>literature I'd care to read twice. (Like water for chocolate is an

Quick cavil: I think we might need to assert here that we don't necessarily
accept the word literature to mean only that which is written with the
approval of the critical in-group of the day and which gets put in for the
Booker prize.  Literature may also include DWJ and Philip Pullman, for
example.  And they are modern (in that they are contemporary, not in that
they are examples of a school of literature that happened to have that word
attached to it eighty years ago and more) and I do care for them, really
quite a lot.  (I suspect you may do too, or you probably wouldn't be here!)

There are others.  I mean, I *think* Toni Morrison is literature, and she's
certainly still writing...  I find her work envigorating and interesting
and worth a read, even if it also sometimes makes me feel angry and sick
and sad.


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