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Fri Jul 11 06:01:25 EDT 2003

Elizabeth wrote:

>I have started with the first ones, and am enjoying them very much. I am
>trying to read them in chronological order, but am hampered by the fact that
>my library doesn't have 'Brothers in Arms' so I'll have to skip that one
>until I can come across a copy somewhere.

As a matter of interest, what ought one to do about *Borders of Infinity*?
That one is effectively three novellas set as reminiscence when Miles is 28
(ie after *Brothers in Arms*) one just before *The Vor Game*, and two
between *Ethan of Athos* and *Brothers in Arms*.  So proper chronological
reading would lead to reading one third of the book, breaking off and
reading three books and then coming back to the remaining two novellas.  I
don't think I would ever remember to do that!

>So I am glad to understand from what you say that skipping one won't spoil
>my enjoyment of the rest.

Well, I've just read it last of all (I think I have now read them all,
there don't seem to be any more titles in the lists anywhere) and I enjoyed
it.  :-)

Was anyone else reminded of H. Beam Piper when they read *Falling Free*?  I
got a slightly Fuzzy feeling about it.


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