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Thu Jul 10 20:34:25 EDT 2003

> >Gak. Periodically I make attempt to read it. It's
> >still coming across to me as tragically-hip, City-Lights-Bookstore to be
> >bothered with.
> Well, I guess if you have that kind of superior attitude, I can see why you
> wouldn't actually manage to read it. In fact, it is a very interesting and
> well-written book, despite the dismissive comments of shallow smart-arse
> reviewers like Charles Taylor, who say the poetry is "bad" because it has
> big words they don't understand in it, and because it actually requires
> them to think.

If my attitude is snobbery, it's reverse snobbery. :)
I just don't care much for modern literature. There isn't much in modern
literature I'd care to read twice. (Like water for chocolate is an

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"If one by one we counted people out
For the least sin, it wouldn't take us long
To get so that we had no one left to live with.
For to be social is to be forgiving. " -- Robert Frost, "The Star-Splitter"

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