Vorkosigan books

Elizabeth Evans er.evans at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Jul 10 17:44:11 EDT 2003

Minnow said:
> My thanks to this list for more-or-less insisting I read 'em; they're
> providing very necessary entertainment, and it's good to have *some*
> benefit from the time I'm having to spend lying around resting
> this blasted
> wrenched knee and damaged hamstrings! I'm still following Bujold's own way
> of reading such a series, as mentioned in her afterword to *Cordelia's
> Honor*, "one must assume that readers, as I did when reading my own
> favourite series, will encounter the books in utterly random order", and
> reading them as they happen to come to the top of a random heap
> by the bed.
> I don't think they suffer for it at all.  Each (so far, anyway) works on
> its own, and having read a couple of the more recent ones first doesn't
> seem to have spoilt either them or the ones set before them
> chronologically
> at all.

I have started with the first ones, and am enjoying them very much. I am
trying to read them in chronological order, but am hampered by the fact that
my library doesn't have 'Brothers in Arms' so I'll have to skip that one
until I can come across a copy somewhere.
So I am glad to understand from what you say that skipping one won't spoil
my enjoyment of the rest.

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