Miles=Hamlet (was Re: More on Martha Wells)

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Thu Jul 10 05:39:13 EDT 2003

Melissa wrote in reply to Hallie:

>(Besides, I didn't get the "Miles=Hamlet" thing, so who's thick?)

Nine Vorkosigan books in, I don't either; I think I must be missing something.

In fact, I'd've said Miles is about as unlike Hamlet as he could possibly
be, in practically every respect, even leaving family and circumstances to
one side.

Seriously: I don't think the rest of the series is going to be spoiled for
me if that's explained, now.  Please?

My thanks to this list for more-or-less insisting I read 'em; they're
providing very necessary entertainment, and it's good to have *some*
benefit from the time I'm having to spend lying around resting this blasted
wrenched knee and damaged hamstrings! I'm still following Bujold's own way
of reading such a series, as mentioned in her afterword to *Cordelia's
Honor*, "one must assume that readers, as I did when reading my own
favourite series, will encounter the books in utterly random order", and
reading them as they happen to come to the top of a random heap by the bed.
I don't think they suffer for it at all.  Each (so far, anyway) works on
its own, and having read a couple of the more recent ones first doesn't
seem to have spoilt either them or the ones set before them chronologically
at all.


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