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>  >>Funny, that was an ending I felt very comforted by.  This is why 
>it's a Good
>>>Thing to love Thomas Hardy.  :)
>>Has lurkdom got you out of the habit of communicating with mere
>>mortals, or am I just being really thick in not understanding the
>>Hardy connection here? :-)
>Most of the time we disagree on something, I think it can be traced back to
>the fact that I find Thomas Hardy wonderful and uplifting and you...don't.
>In this case, I wasn't happy about the _City of Bones_ ending, but it felt
>satisfying to me and not in need of a sequel.

Well, this may be one time we disagree on something which can't be 
traced back to any such thing.  :)  Because I think you might be 
misremembering my take on Hardy.   I still haven't read Tess, though 
from everything I remember your saying about it, I'm sure you're 
totally right that I wouldn't find it wonderful and uplifting if I 
ever did read it.  Only other Hardy novel I've read is _Far from the 
Madding Crowd_, which I didn't find wonderful or uplifting either, 
but for completely different reasons, probably.  (The gratuitous 
snide little remarks about women really annoyed me.)  Oh, and _The 
Mayor of Casterbridge_, which was a very long time ago, but it's true 
- no W&U there in my memories of it.

>  >Avoiding spoilers, but wondering if your reason for liking that
>>ending least might have something to do with the aspects I found a
>>bit unsettling in the book.  Which are not at all ignored in _The
>>Wizard Hunters_ -impressively IMO, though I can't say *why*.  Unless
>>you've read it already?  I'll be really interested to hear your
>>reaction when you have.
>I'm still waiting for _Wizard Hunters_ to get in at the library.  (I broke
>down and got HP5, and should be getting another book shipment today, plus I
>spent about $87 at a bargain booksale down at BYU, so I'm a little short of
>cash.)  I shouldn't say that I disliked the ending of _Necromancer_ so much
>as I didn't really care for the book overall--so the ending was just more of
>the same.  Maybe we should be talking about that one while I'm waiting
>around here.

Ok, I'll go first - gives you the option of disagreeing with me, 
instead of my having to start it off. :)


That's enough, isn't it?

My hesitation was that she'd created these very sympathetic 
characters, exciting story, wonderful setting, and then "only" seemed 
to take them towards Revenge.  Wasn't there some comment about 
Nicholas even realising that revenge was bitter - but still seeming 
happy enough with it?   I also loved the book, but don't really find 
the quest for revenge as satisfying as other themes.  Although, 
again, I was *deeply* happy that Arisilde didn't die - he was looking 
like a definite goner for a while there, wasn't he?  Thereby showing 
my anti-Hardy-tragedy bias, no doubt.

>But I want to emphasize that when I say I didn't care for the book overall,
>that's by comparison with all her other books.  In absolute terms it was
>still way up there and <gasp> more to my liking than _A Sudden Wild Magic_.
>Scary, neh?

Not to me, at least!


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