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Wed Jul 9 14:20:10 EDT 2003

On Wed, 9 Jul 2003 19:05:51 +0100, Hallie O'Donovan wrote:

>>  >
>>>I know that some people felt that the ending of  _City of Bones_  was
>>>more than a bit unresolved - I certainly went straight to Amazon to
>>>see if there was news of a sequel.
>>Funny, that was an ending I felt very comforted by.  This is why it's a Good
>>Thing to love Thomas Hardy.  :)
>Has lurkdom got you out of the habit of communicating with mere 
>mortals, or am I just being really thick in not understanding the 
>Hardy connection here? :-)

Most of the time we disagree on something, I think it can be traced back to
the fact that I find Thomas Hardy wonderful and uplifting and you...don't.
In this case, I wasn't happy about the _City of Bones_ ending, but it felt
satisfying to me and not in need of a sequel.

(Besides, I didn't get the "Miles=Hamlet" thing, so who's thick?)

>>But if she does ever write a sequel, I'll
>>be thrilled.  (The ending I liked least was _Necromancer_ so basically I get
>>my wish for a "sequel" to that one.)
>Avoiding spoilers, but wondering if your reason for liking that 
>ending least might have something to do with the aspects I found a 
>bit unsettling in the book.  Which are not at all ignored in _The 
>Wizard Hunters_ -impressively IMO, though I can't say *why*.  Unless 
>you've read it already?  I'll be really interested to hear your 
>reaction when you have.

I'm still waiting for _Wizard Hunters_ to get in at the library.  (I broke
down and got HP5, and should be getting another book shipment today, plus I
spent about $87 at a bargain booksale down at BYU, so I'm a little short of
cash.)  I shouldn't say that I disliked the ending of _Necromancer_ so much
as I didn't really care for the book overall--so the ending was just more of
the same.  Maybe we should be talking about that one while I'm waiting
around here.

But I want to emphasize that when I say I didn't care for the book overall,
that's by comparison with all her other books.  In absolute terms it was
still way up there and <gasp> more to my liking than _A Sudden Wild Magic_.
Scary, neh?

Melissa Proffitt

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