Training for Adult Life (was Re: Wind in the Willows)

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Wed Jul 9 09:14:15 EDT 2003

> My second brother was her best pupil: he was quite happy to sit for hours
> doing nothing whatever, for much of his teens.  :-)  And he never did
> really grow up, in fifty years.  Some people just don't, and I don't think
> it is *always* the males...  I've observed very babyish (not to say
> kittenish, which is pretty awful) women over fifty as well as infantile men
> of that age.

Well, yes. But there was a period there where middle-class and upper-class
men were trained to be helpless about doing anything except their jobs (if
they had jobs). Upper middle and upper class women were also being trained
not to be able to do anything but certain specific jobs though, too.

[I belong to the generation that still gets a kick out of seeing a man
in public with a child and no woman in site- when I was a kid that was the
setup for a comedy routine every single time...]

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