Training for Adult Life (was Re: Wind in the Willows)

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Wed Jul 9 06:33:57 EDT 2003

Charlie replied to Jenne

>> Of course, that leads into my personal theory that the upper middle class
>> and upper class culture of Victorian and Edwardian life encouraged men
>> never to grow up in a lot of ways. :)
>Yes indeed. A bit like the way pampered cats and dogs continue to exhibit
>infantile behaviour into adulthood, or so I'm told.

Either that or they decide the rest of the household are their kittens, and
persistantly try to teach them the proper method and manner of mousing, in
my experience.  My mother's pampered moggy used to be very put out when we
refused to watch the mousehole -- we only had the one, and no mouse had
used it in living human memory, nor were there signs of mice about the
house, ever, so we thought it a great waste of time to sit in front of it,
but she felt it was an essential part of our training for adult life.

My second brother was her best pupil: he was quite happy to sit for hours
doing nothing whatever, for much of his teens.  :-)  And he never did
really grow up, in fifty years.  Some people just don't, and I don't think
it is *always* the males...  I've observed very babyish (not to say
kittenish, which is pretty awful) women over fifty as well as infantile men
of that age.


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