Potter sequels? (was Re: Byatt on Potter)

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Wed Jul 9 06:33:59 EDT 2003

Lizzie delurked briefly (hey, don't go away!  that post was *good*) to say
a fair bit, ending:

>I think JKR has grown a lot as a writer. . . but I still think she's got a way
>to go, and I'm not sure that (given her financial situation and the fact that
>she finds the pressure hard to deal with) she'll really go further than Harry

I have this suspicion that the reason for the long delay between books
might be that if she gets blocked on Potter, as I've heard someone or other
suggest she'd said she did with HP4, JKR might be doing a sensible thing
and setting it to one side for a bit whilst she does something else.  Maybe
the something elses, set outside a universe everyone is so familiar with
now, are going to appear in the future, possibly under a nom de plume.

Younger daughter after reading HP5 remarked that it is her opinion that JKR
will have to kill Harry at the end of HP7.  She said this off her own bat
and without reference to a television interview in which JKR is rumoured to
have hinted to that effect, because she didn't know about the TV thing (we
don't have the fishtank, and she wasn't aware it was happening).  That
would be one way to avoid any pressure to carry on and on and on, running
out of anything much to stay and trapped in a place with whose rules one
might be getting a bit bored by then.


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