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> Later in the article  Byatt praises Pratchett to
> the skies. He is a writer who improved in quantum
> leaps, I think Rowling may be another. Its
> certainly germane to my reactions that I don't
> (and didn't)  rate the first two Discworld books
> either. And its interesting that both the
> Discworld and Hogwarts became very popular very
> fast. I susopect it will be wise to defer
> judgement until book 7 when the fat phoenix
> sings. 

It kinda makes you wonder what JKR is going to do next--or _can_ do next.  I 
remember after the second book having a conversation in which it was decided 
that she should come out with another book (non Harry Potter) before she 
finished the Harry Potter series, because no follow up would work--but I think 
that people would also throw fits if she did anything but Potter, because we 
all want another fix quick quick quick.  JKR has, I believe, said that she is 
not going to write more than seven books about Harry Potter--but will she set 
more in the Hogwarts universe?  It'd be hard to pull off another conflict on 
the Voldemort scale, wouldn't it?  Alternately, she could let other writers use 
her universe--with different characters (and there are fanfic writers out there 
who might be able to pull that off--I've got a friend who swears that the level 
of writing in OotP was about on level with some of her favorite fanfics. . . 
but I'm not sure that JKR would go for having Harry/Draco shippers write under 
her name in any way ^_^).

I think JKR has grown a lot as a writer. . . but I still think she's got a way 
to go, and I'm not sure that (given her financial situation and the fact that 
she finds the pressure hard to deal with) she'll really go further than Harry 

lizzie, briefly delurking

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